Get Certified

The CIFIPN supports you and your career by providing the training and tools you need to prevent, detect and investigate fraud.

CIFIPN benefits the members by:

  •  Increased earnings and marketability
  • Improved professional credibility
  • Position yourself as a leader and an expert in the anti-fraud field.

In order to become Certified, Associate Members have to go through online examination system of AFIP to become certified. To become CIFIPN is not an easy task for non-professionals. The examination system of AFIP is very rigid and secure to make assure that members understands the tough and concepts of forensic audit and investigation field and are able to prepare forensic reports

Getting Started

Candidates have to get themselves register with CIFIPN. Candidates just have to click on Register button on the web and have to enter some particulars….

  • Enter Your Name and E-mail ID;
  • E-mail ID will be your Login ID;
  • Select Membership Package just suitable for you;
  • Pay N50,000 for the Associate Membership Package;
  • Particulars needed like communication address;
  • Detail of Educational and Professionals certifications required;
  • Select preferences regarding newsletters and other particulars;
  • Finally review your Membership Package;
  • A Membership Number will be issued to the member at the end of the registration process.

Assessment Policy

The examination process will assess the candidate according to the assessment policy. Exam pattern and difficulty level is derived from assessment policy of each part. The content specification outlines presented below represent the body of knowledge that will be covered on the CIFIPN examination and expand upon the examination content descriptions that appear in the Program Announcement. The outlines may be changed in the future when new subject matter becomes part of the common body of knowledge.

Candidates are responsible for being informed on the most recent developments in the areas covered in the outline. The content specification outlines serve several purposes.

These purposes include:

  • Establishing the foundation from which each examination will be developed.
  • Providing consistent coverage on each examination.
  • Communicating to interested parties more detail as to the content of each examination part.
  • Aiding candidates in their preparation for each examination.
  • Providing information to those who offer courses designed to assist candidates in preparing for the examinations.


1. The percentage range given for each major topic within each examination part represents the relative weight range given to that topic in an examination part. A candidate will be required to answer questions that equal the minimum relative weight but do not exceed the maximum relative weight for a major topic.

2. Each examination will sample from the subject areas contained within each major topic area to meet the relative weight specifications.

No relative weights have been assigned to the subject areas within each major topic. No inference should be made from the order in which the subject areas are listed or from the number of subject areas as to the relative weight or importance of any of the subjects.

3. Each major topic within each examination part has been assigned a coverage level designating the depth and breadth of topic coverage, ranging from an introductory knowledge of a subject area (Level A) to a thorough understanding of and ability to apply the essentials of a subject area (Level C).

4. The topics for each of the examination parts have been selected to minimize the overlapping of subject areas among the examination parts. The topics within an examination part and the subject areas within topics may be combined in individual questions.

5. Questions containing ethical issues can appear on any part of the examination. The ethical issues will be addressed within the context of a specific subject area. For determining the relative weight distribution of an examination, the questions containing ethical issues will be counted in the major topic area in which the ethical issues are raised.

6. Candidates for the CIFIPN and CCFS designations are expected to have a minimum level of forensic and fraud in financial field for all examination parts

The Three Levels of coverage can be defined as follows:

Level A

Requiring an appreciation of the broad nature and fundamentals, the ability to recognize the existence of special features and problems in various business transactions, and the ability to apply this knowledge in new and concrete situations, i.e., requiring the skill levels of knowledge and comprehension.

Level B

Requiring a sound understanding of the broad aspects of practices and procedures and awareness of the problems relating to more detailed aspects, the ability to apply such broad knowledge in new and concrete situations, the ability to analyze the components of the material and their relationships, and the ability to reformulate the components into a new whole, i.e., requiring the skill levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis.

Level C

Requiring a sound understanding of principles, practices, and procedures, the ability to analyze material so that its organizational structure can be understood, the proficiency to apply such knowledge to situations likely to be encountered, the ability to deal with all aspects of the situation without extensive recourse to technical research and assistance, and the ability to judge the value of material for a given purpose, i.e., requiring all six skill levels.

Exam Preparation

The CIFIPN Exam Prep Course is a computer self-study course produced by the CIFIPN and is intended to fully prepare CIFIPN candidates to successfully pass the CIFIPN Exam. The CIFIPN Exam Prep Course is not required in order to take the exam but is highly recommended. If you would like to study on your own, review more details on the CIFIPN Exam.


The CIFIPN Exam Prep Course consists of 1,500 questions and is designed to prepare you for the content and format of the actual exam. This allows CIFIPN candidates to learn the knowledge required to pass the exam while practicing in a true-life setting. The course also includes timed simulated practice exams.

Important Information

To be eligible for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee, participants must complete all 1,500 practice questions. You will be required to answer each question at least once. In addition to this, a score of 85% is required on all four sections of the practice exam.

You must complete the Prep Course within one year from the purchase date in order to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee.

You must take the CIFIPN Exam within 90 days of completing the Prep Course. You will not be able to take the exam until your CIFIPN Exam application is on file with the CIFIPN and your fees have been paid.

You may download the CIFIPN Exam Prep Course on up to two computers. When using two computers, you must keep one computer up to date at all times by using the export/import function.

Using the CIFIPN Exam Prep Course

The program will randomly serve up questions in each of the four sections. It will continue to serve up any questions you get wrong until you answer them correctly. You can go back and re-take sections as often as you like. We recommend taking each section until you are consistently scoring in the 85%-90% range.

You may study and take the exam sections in any order you choose.

The CIFIPN recommends you begin by taking the Pre-Assessment. This will help you identify your strongest and weakest sections. Start studying with the strongest of the four sections (the area in which you are most knowledgeable) and work up to your weakest area. This way, you are studying your weakest area closest to the exam.

Take Exams

The CFIA Exam is available in online format. The exam has a number of sophisticated controls to ensure integrity and each exam is generated from a master database. No two exams are alike.

To appear for online exam, you will need a computer with these capabilities:?

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above
  • Internet: High-speed Internet connection
  • Browser: The latest browser version is recommended for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Browser must be set to allow Javascript as well as cookies.


You may take the CFIA Exam any time during the year. When you have submitted your complete CFIA Exam application and are prepared to take the CFIA Exam you may schedule the exam. Your exam for the CFIA  will be available at the date selected by you.


It will take approximately 13 hours to complete the CFIA Exam. Each section is allocated a maximum of 200 minutes to complete. Each of the four exam sections has 150 questions and you will have a maximum of 80 seconds to answer each question.
You have one day to complete one Part of the CFIA Exam and submit it to the CIFIAN for grading. You must complete each section in one sitting, but you do not have to complete all four sections at once.

Schedule your exam

The exam can be scheduled online from your Account window:

1. Login to your account;

2. Go to Apply for Exam or Dashboard to Schedule/Reschedule your exam;

3. Exam can be scheduled only after paying the required fee for the particular exam;

4. The Associate Members can schedule only the exams which are non exempted/Already Applied;

5. Click on the particular Exam Part and the window as shown will be open. Now you can schedule your exam as per your convenience date;

6. When Associate Members are ready to appear for exam they should schedule their exam at least two weeks before they want to appear for the exam;

7. The date can be selected after two weeks from the current date;

8.The exam will become automatically open for the attempt at the time scheduled by the candidate;

9. If the candidate does not want to appear for the exam at scheduled date, an information email should be sent to the [email protected]

Appear for exams

In order to appear for exam, the candidate needs to understand that:

1. Candidate can appear only for the scheduled exam;

2. Candidate can appear for one Part at a time;

3. Candidate exam will be automatically available and open at the date and time selected to appear for the exam;

4. The exam will be based on multiple choice questions;

5. There willbe 150 MCQs for each Part;

6. 80 Seconds have been alloted to each MCQ;

7. The window will automatically close after the end of 150 MCQs;

8. The result will not be displayed at the end of the exam;

9. Candidate will have to wait 3-5 business days to wait for the result.

Become a Chartered Member

In order to Become Chartered member:

1. The candidate have to Pass/Exempt status in all Parts of CFIA;

2. Have to score 80% marks in each Part;

3. The candidate has to provide the correct answers of at least 80% MCQs;

4. If the candidate scores more than 80% in non exempted parts;The result will be published;

5. Result will be published in Candidate account within 3-5 business days of appearing the exam;

6. If candidate Clears all Parts either through examination or on Exemption basis, Chartered status will updated in member account;

7. The chartered members now will have right to use the designation of CFIA;

8. Chartered members will receive the certificate from CIFIPN after becoming certified ;

9. If the candidate fails to score 80% marks in each Part, candidate need to reappear in that Part.The candidate can reappear for the Part by paying the fee of CAD 50/Part.